Welcome to Fit Mummies where your fitness is our priority. As a family run business based in Chichester, West Sussex we are supported by a team of fitness trainers who are dedicated to getting and keeping mums like you fit, strong and well.

Your well-being is vital to the success and happiness of your family. It can be all too easy to put your fitness aside and yourself last when you are focussed on taking care of your family, running your home and juggling all of your other commitments too.
That is why we work with and train real women, living real lives who have many priorities and their own health and fitness is right up there alongside the well-being of others.
You know, if you don’t look after yourself, everything else slips. You also know that when you commit to taking time out for yourself to train regularly you feel good in yourself and you are at your best for everything else that you want to do.
Fit Mummies Club founders, Mairi and Luke successfully manage a family of 9 children as well as running a business together. They know only too well how difficult it can be to prioritise your fitness and wellbeing but also how important it is to the well-being of the family.

If you are looking for programmes local to you that motivate you to keep your fitness a priority, then look no further. We offer affordable, varied and fun fitness classes, workshops and coaching to women who want to feel more confident and stronger, in body and mind.

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